A downloadable Horror Game for Windows and Android

Nicole's Fears is a horror game that you start off on a horror school, you have to get 32 roses to get out of there.
The roses means alot to the main character, that is her fears, you have to colect her fears to be released from the nightmare she is in..

But Be careful, you are not alone.


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(If you are a youtuber please record playing this game, I will see the video with pleasure )

Install instructions

You need Winrar to extract the game.
Go install Winrar then right click to the file you downloaded and click extract here, it will appear a folder, that folder is the game.

You start the game by double clicking "Nicole's Fears.exe"


Nicole's Fears Version 1.rar 38 MB
Nicole's Fears Android Version 1.apk 75 MB

Development log


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This is really scary! I like the designs of the school and cyborg girl that chases you through the school. I would love to know the story between Nicole and the cyborg as to why she chases you and looks like that. The one thing is that the light from the flashlight is narrow and it makes it difficult to see the surrounding areas in front of you. 10 / 10. 

check out my gameplay if youd  like? :D


I love the monster design, the school layout is nice and makes sense, and even the mechanics are easily managed, but I feel like having the monster "zero-in" on the player is a cheapish mechanic instead of the typical wandering around and persue after line of sight. Looking forward to updates and seeing what else you work on.

Nicoles Fears could be an interesting game. I'm not trying to be harsh as, I know it's not easy to make a game. Many things could be changed or, fixed to make this a top notch survival horror game.  Things like having a working flashlight or, if it does work show the keybind for it as, I tried pressing around and, never saw it light up. The difficulty is way too hard and, 32 roses (fears) is way too many. It's fine if there is a seperate hard mode with 32 for ones who want to go that route. 12 or so roses shoud be fine. A dozen roses is fitting anyways I think. There really is no escape mechanic from nicole such as, hiding in a locker or, crouching behind a desk. There is jumping on top of desks but, then she just seems to camp the area. Hope these suggestions help improve your game or, help in future games you make. Wish you the best developing!

The game was very interesting I liked it I was wondering why I died so quick but it's fine I still like it 

I'm so bad at horror games :P

:P Simple but decent

found some gameplay

Hi. Thanks for making this game, I made you a video

Thank you so much!!!

No Problem!


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Couple things I'd like to adress. 1. If we're collecting roses why does it say "0/32 pages"?  2. Do you plan to change how the "Monster" looks. She's kinda derpy and it takes away from the horror feel. 3. Please change the flashlight's appearance in my hand its really bad. Aside from my judgments the game is good and fun. P.S please add an audo queue for the monster.

Thank you so much!
I will be improving the game!

Hey you have the grounds for a fantastic game!  I hope you keep up and continue developing this game!  Ps. Sounds would make the game even scarier!

thank you super much!!!


this game was great! i really wish there was a little bit of music or really tense sound effects but other than that, we got the roses and left nicole to rot in school lol, really awesome job on creating this game!! :D

thank you so much! I will be update the game tho ;3

Cool game I gave it a try.

Thank you so much for playing my game!!

Very cool. Has some real potential. I just wish I could of finished it. I only was able to collect 16 roses. Others I was right next to them and I couldn't grab them. If you fix it or if I missed something let me know and I'll give it another go. I would like to to know what the ending is. XD

hi thank you so much to play my game!! Did you tried to jump in spacebar?

I believe I tried and nothing happen. May have been glitched for me. I'll try it again tonight and if it works I'll do another video completing the game. Thanks for the reply! 


i will be updating the game so maybe wait or make a new one! ^^

Sounds good I'll wait for the update so I can play the newest version. Let me know when you release it and I'll make sure to play it! Thanks! 


Thank you! <3

Good fun using a school as your map was great the monster was very cool excellent slenderman style game as a few have already sed abit of volume on her would be solid

thank you so much for playing my game!!!

Ah. Well I gave it a totally massive go for a video here. Now there is a lot of things you can do, because I can tell it can be a great horror. Like putting some eerie low screaming, or maybe psychotic laughter when you get near her. I feel like the no sound in the background for the school is great though! 

thank you a lot it means a lot to me!

I think it would have been more realistic to hear the monster's footsteps.
If the sound effect when the monster chase, it seems to be more complete.
Overall I had fun. 
재밌었어요 :)

thank you so much!!!!

Your game looked really interesting and i wanted to try it but every time i try to download it says the file is corrupt.

are you using winrar to extract the game? If so try 7zip


There is definitely potential to your game!!
The school concept is always a good place to start, since you can make the environment creepy in many ways. The enemy model impressed me a lot too! It looks really good due to the high polygon count and the posture/jerky motion is definitely adding
to the creepiness factor.
The A.I. of the enemy isn't the best (There are some issues with the nav mesh from what I understand), but still it is challenging to avoid it. I think you did good putting 32 roses rather than putting a small amount of collectibles, to counter the A.I. issues.
The design of the school is good for a game like this. Many corridors are looking the same, so that the player feels vulnerable and disoriented. Also, the fact you can exit the building is cool too! Many horror games tend to restrict the player indoors.
Generally, I had fun playing your game!!
There is definitely room for improvement, so I hope you keep adding to it!

A really good Comment, Thank you super much and you understood it!
Plus yes i will be publishing more things for this game!

Gave it a go...


Thank you so much for playing!

I love the concept and the art :) You did a great job on the game and I popped by your Youtube page, very nice work! 


Thank you so much I loved the video!!! <3 <3 <3

Thank you! If you plan to develop any more games then keep me in the know! It was a lot of fun 

Your welcome! and alright dude I will!!!


This was fun to play and I managed to get all 32 roses, though I wish there was a final dash to get out of the school kind of thing. AI navigation could use a bit of work, but besides that, good job.

Thank you so much!
Since this game is still in development I will be still making it better
but thank you so much let me see the video and i will comment there!


This Is alot of fun. My highest i got to was 15 though. Alot of roses to collect but that is what makes it challenging. Good Job Dev

Thank you super much!!!!
That means alot to me <3
I will see the video and i will comment on it! <3