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Thanks for letting us know about the update. Matt had a quick look at it and was surprised just how different it was.  

Had a blast playing through this game! Challenging enough that it held my attention! 

Thank you so much!!!

An interesting game that I can't wait for it to be further developed.

Thanks! happy that you liked it!

Nice game, pretty well made and seems to have an interesting story going for it. That monster is creepy as hell :)

Unfortunately I did not get very far but it was fun.

Thank you so much for playing my game!

you're welcome! 

Well there be a version of this game for Android

For now no, but we will see in the future! :D

Deleted 194 days ago

why dont u play the new version? so much had changed!

Fantastic work Monster Of Truth! I love it! You've made so much progress on your own in the development minus the hiccups :) 

Thank you so much i loved the video and thanks for everything again!

Have a nice day dude!!!

I cant open this, Its damage i guess, please let me know how to fix this 

weird, have you tried redownloading?

Yes bro i did but no luck, I'm facing this issue with others game also....Some rar are okay some rars having this issue :/ 

Reinstal winrar or just check on internet how to fix it!

Reinstalling winrar will not fix this because its just damaging itch games i dont know why....tell me which win rar version you are using?

latest 5.61